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Generic Prozac Chemical Name: FLUOXETINE Common uses This medicine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) used to treat depression, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), or bulimia. This medicine may also be used to treat premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

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Buy prozac australia It is no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is actively seeking to control and dictate the medical profession. In its own words, "The drug companies do not want to be held liable for the harms they cause through their marketing, which leads to the diversion of drugs and excessive prescribing rates that put people at risk of serious complications and death." The pharmaceutical industry has used these terms to protect themselves, however misguided their intentions may appear. The problem is that by denying an individual the right to decide what do with their own body and the choices it makes, powerful pharmaceutical companies will continue to be able profit from what occurs within its walls… The fact that pharmaceutical companies own and benefit from hospitals, schools, sports teams, government agencies and, with the aid of public relations firms, the media is proof enough that medical professionals are no longer free to choose what treatment is offered to them. When I see someone complaining about the costs associated with medical treatment, I wonder if he or she actually has the power to determine whether or not a particular drug is appropriate. If the burden on them, why not just say so? that they aren't going to spend their hard earned cash on certain drugs when they could be more selective in their spending habits? If the medical profession is being influenced by the pharmaceutical industry, why not just say so? Who's pulling their puppet strings? As for myself, I choose what want to eat, wear, and drink, the books I read and movies watch, the I listen to, artists admire, the games I play, and music listen to. In other words, I decide what to have for dinner or sleep for, and I do so because choose them. Many people believe they chose to have those things, but they did so out of their own free will. If you are feeling unwell, believe suffering needlessly, if your body is sick, you are suffering from an illness, then you have a choice to make. If you make the wrong choice, will suffer just like me and my loved ones have. In response to the idea that doctors are trying to control me, I ask why is it ok for insurance companies to dictate the treatments they must pay for? Would control whether or not you have cancer? Why would they control what Donde comprar viagra generico foods you eat? Why would they control what kind of vitamins you get? Why would they control what kind of exercise you do, why would they control what music you listen to, where go, and how you sleep every night? I find this type of propaganda disgusting. It's no different than putting a woman with cancer in charge of the treatment. Let's be clear about what it is saying: The pharmaceutical industry controls medical profession. This isn't about choice. It's control. And making sure people who do not have enough money to pay for every treatment available (I am a single, working woman living in a wealthy neighborhood, so that is not a factor) are effectively denied that choice. If you're not aware of the powerful influence pharmaceutical industry in the medical profession, then click on this link to go and read the article "The Business of Prescription Drugs". It is written by the Pulitzer Prize winning columnist, Jane Mayer. Why should you care if the pharmaceutical industry controls medical profession and whether or not you will continue to have access all of the things that you enjoy? Consider Prozac 30 Pills 20mg $39 - $1.3 Per pill this. What if your favorite movies were no longer made because some pharmaceutical company didn't like what they thought would sell? That is the type of thing that is occurring right now. The medical profession is being dominated by multinational corporations whose primary goal is to make a profit. In most medical fields, pharmaceutical companies make their money not by producing the product they are marketing, but rather by selling a generic version of the product. By controlling medical profession, the pharmaceutical companies will continue to profit from your health. Think about it. The doctors are supposed to be there preserve your freedom of choice, in that they determine what you are allowed to do and what extent. But happens when they become the ones making life or death decisions? Will the doctor they are supposed to be serving, even their wife or lover (if it exists), be allowed the right to choose? I believe that my patients are the ones who should decide what they consider important when it comes to their health. For that, I must take responsibility. The fact that pharmaceutical industry makes the decisions for me is not a reflection on me or my profession, and therefore it should not affect me in anyway. It should not stop me nor my patients from having access to the very important medicines that we use every day. It shouldn't affect the choices I allow you to make. With all of, the above considerations in mind, I can honestly say that my medical opinion is based on a.

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